Staff Information

We Have many people registered and working who have been with us for a long time and we like to believe that this reflects the confidence and trust that our staff feel in I&P and the Management Team. We recognise that our staff on assignment are representing I&P and their reliability, continuity, work ethic and attitude reflect are how our customers perceive us. We believe we have two sets of customers and we have a duty of care to both the Temporary Staff user (client) and the Temporary Staff member. We expect our management team to go the extra mile endeavouring to treat everyone with the respect and integrity they deserve and we ask that you do the same.

Our Temporary Work Force are an integral part of our success and as such we will always try and make your life that little bit easier. Our clients complete the timesheet so you don’t have to worry about bringing a signed time sheet to us by a certain time. Your hours are checked against our bookings sheet and any queries are investigated on your behalf. We will always try and assist with personal problems, helping open bank accounts, references for new landlords etc.

We understand the biggest worry for people is “will I paid on time” and the answer to that is “YES” you will. We track our payroll using key performance indicators and are proud to have a 99.8% correct hours on time payment over the last 7 years. We understand you rely on the money you earn to be paid when you expect it, so the timesheets are checked, checked and checked again before they are processed in order to minimize errors.

We fully recognise our business is only as good the staff we recruit, so we will be as honest and open with you as we can, and ask you to be the same with us. We understand that you could be working shifts, 9-5 or even nights so we make ourselves available out of hours for EMERGENCIES. Anything you might have forgotten to ask during normal office hours please send a text and we will either reply there and then or the following morning depending on the request.

Many of our clients run a 7 days per week operation and as such they require the flexibility to increase or reduce staffing levels at short notice, this enables them to remain competitive in their market sector and as such allows them the opportunity of growth which means more work and more people/hours. Having said this we have over 150 temporary Staff on ongoing long term assignments. We will tell you right from the start how long the work is anticipated to last. Once you start your placement it’s up to you to make that right impression to asked back! Our clients recognise a “shining star” when they see one, and will be reluctant to lose that person so if you make the effort you will be noticed and will remain on assignment for the longest possible time. All our clients communicate frequently with our management team and Staff’s efforts or lack of effort is always high on the agenda, we encourage our clients to pick out the “shining stars”.

We do not expect people to be waiting by their phones for that one call to go to work and I would advise anyone to register with as many agencies as possible to give you the best chance of finding work. If you are not available then let us know. We have many people who have been working for us for several years and many of our staff are offered permanent contracts by some of our clients. This always pleases us as it highlights that we were right in who we select to go on assignment with us. Some of our staff enjoy working with I&P so much that when offered permanent contracts they choose to remain on assignment with us, this also make us very happy that our people hold us in such high regard.

We encourage our clients to treat everyone equally whether they are full time or on temporary assignment. We have a full grievance procedure available in the handbook in the I&P office and ask that should you feel you have been unfairly treated while on assignment we will treat you and what you say with respect and in confidence . In the unlikely event this should happen we ask that in the first instance you contact your I&P assignment manager, if you feel you cannot do this then you should call the office and ask for a meeting with the operations manager who will resolve the issue or escalate as necessary.

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